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Ricky Serrano

Studio: Ricky Serrano Photography

Saint Cloud (United States)

Located in Central Florida, Ricky Serrano is the proud owner of Ricky Serrano Photography LLC. With over 15 years of photography experience, his photography captures the true essence of human emotion. Clients not only return for his talent, but because of the wonderful friendship established during their photography experience. Dramatic lighting and the ability to control light has been one of his major interests, as light can tell a story and set a mood in a photograph. The ability to manage and control light creates an atmosphere that catches the viewer’s eyes. Having earned the respect of the public for his creativity, customer satisfaction, tireless devotion and work ethic, his passion has turned into a thriving business. All one needs to do is glance through his work to see the heart and soul of a gifted artist.

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Ricky Serrano About

Ricky Serrano Photography
Orlando (United States)

Michelle and Craig were meant to be together. They glance at each other and they can't content their smiles and the sparkle. God made the perfect mold for each other. Such an amazing, happy and lovable couple we had the privilege to capture their love for each other and document their memories together with the family.

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