Best Engagement Photographers in Florida

Wedding photographers in Florida are adept at capturing the essence of romance amidst the captivating tropical beauty that defines the state. With a keen eye for blending the natural splendor of Florida's white-sand beaches, lush gardens, and historic architecture, these photographers artfully weave together the love stories of couples against the backdrop of Florida's unique charm. From the vibrant energy of Miami's skyline to the tranquility of the Florida Keys, these professionals effortlessly navigate the interplay of sun-drenched landscapes and azure waters, ensuring that each moment of joy, tenderness, and jubilation is immortalized in stunning detail. With an inherent understanding of the diverse cultural tapestry that characterizes Florida, these photographers skillfully infuse their work with a vibrant mix of traditional elegance and contemporary flair, ensuring that every couple's love story is celebrated in a style that reflects their individuality and unique journey. Be it the allure of a destination wedding in the Gulf Coast or the enchantment of an intimate ceremony in the Everglades, these photographers expertly adapt their craft to the diverse settings that Florida has to offer. Their portfolios serve as a testament to their versatility, showcasing an array of styles that capture the essence of each couple's heartfelt union, creating timeless keepsakes that encapsulate the spirit of love and celebration within the picturesque landscapes of the Sunshine State.


Stacia Morgan

Stacia Morgan Photography
  • TOP2021, 2018, 2017
  • 84 Awards
  • Key Largo, US

I believe that any man who can drive while kissing a girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. My name is Stacia and I am a hopeless romantic, small town country girl with a passion for adventure, pretty things, and camera clicking. The moment I picked up a camera, I realized it was my superpower. It was love at first sight. Now, I create breathtaking, epic wedding images painted gracefully with God’s light for the style obsessed bride. I cater to brides longing for a modern photography style with an artistic, high fashion approach. My award winning work has been featured in numerous bridal magazines, publications, and books and takes me around the globe from the Florida Keys to London, England, although you can usually find me barefoot, camera in hand by the ocean. It's a good life. It's a blessed life. It's my life.


Molly Kingston

Molly Margaret Photography
  • 10 Awards
  • Melbourne, US