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Romulo Avendano

Miami (United States)
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Romulo Avendano About

She is Estivaliz, her name is of Basque origin meaning 'honey, or very sweet woman'. People with this name are very original, who have some ideas and some original ways of thinking. She is not only original, sweet and funny, she has also a mixture of beauty and glamor that makes her unique. From the day we met, I knew that I would surprise her with a few balloons to use in our photo session and capture all her attributes in a single image. Here is the result!

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Romulo Avendano About

I have been a Documentary photographer for many years. I have been very reluctant to include Wedding photography in my portfolio of services. Three weeks ago I got a phone call from a customer asking me to cover her wedding. My first answer was that I don't work on weddings and moreover I told her that I don't have experience on this kind of event. She was really sweet and kind by the phone and invite me to think about it because she really like my Documentary style. After a couple of days she visit me and I decided to cover her wedding. This was my first wedding and I definitely enjoyed. I am so honored that one of my pictures done on my first wedding has been selected. Thanks to this sweet girl I found on wedding photography the opportunity to include it in my offering.

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