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Todd Shapera

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I'm honored by WedAward's selection as a "Top-30 World Wedding Photographer" for 2016-2017! I approach weddings as a story teller, capturing images that are natural, relaxed, beautifully lit -- and fun. Based in New York, covering global destinations.

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Todd Shapera About
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Todd Shapera About

The rustic barn with the flag was across from the wedding church on the North Fork of New York's Long Island.
If photographing large bridal parties can be unwieldy, I wanted this bridesmaid's portrait to come off as a spontaneous, engaging, album cover -- with the playful energy directed toward the bride.

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I loved the rugged waterfront setting, the beautiful couple's intrepid manner - she barefoot - and the veil blowing in the wind to embrace him.
The scene strikes me as a poignant metaphor for embarking on marriage -
it’s not only life’s beautiful moments that get us through, but how we support each other when the path turns rocky!

The incomparable venue: American Yacht Club, Rye, New York

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Lulu and Fritz were blessed to pull off an outdoor reception on the shores of Long Island Sound in mid-September.
I wanted to capture their beauty as a couple, the fun energy of their party and their incomparable setting at The American Yacht Club in Rye, New York. During a dance set, I asked if they'd give me a few minutes. Under a full autumn moon, all the elements seemed to come together magically!

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Shortly before an outdoor ceremony by the sea, I set up a remote, panoramic camera - hoping to capture the incomparable setting from behind when the bride walked down the isle. While taking a few test shots, a playful couple meandered into the scene - transforming my trial exposures into a keeper! The gray November day seemed to call out for for black and white images. Stunning Waterfront Venue: The American Yacht Club, Rye, New York.

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The wedding was in New York's Hudson Valley at a beautiful venue - Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill Mansion.
At sunset, I suggested a few shots on the grounds in the warm late day light.
As we were returning to the party, with the sun about to disappear beneath the horizon, I looked back and captured this magical moment.

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Todd Shapera About

Lulu and Fritz were married at the American Yacht Club, a gorgeous setting on Long Island Sound, surrounded on three sides by water. We found a window during the reception for relaxed portraits by the sea.. I love capturing motion and unguarded moments- in this case, I was captivated by the bride's swirling veil and groom's tie blowing in the wind . Then.... I caught her eye!

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Todd Shapera About

The bride is a professional modern dancer in New York.
She began training as a girl in Fort Wayne, Indiana along side the women holding her train.
I wanted to incorporate their special three decade connection into our iconic New York rooftop kiss.
It didn’t take much. When the groom dipped the bride,
the ladies improvised into perfect supporting choreography!

Every wedding couple has a unique story, and I try to capture it with fun, elegant images.

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When this couple met in college, the bride was reluctant to pursue a relationship before leaving for a semester abroad.
Undeterred, he flew to visit her in Edinburg, and she fell in love with his 'amazing sense of humor’.
That part of of their chemistry seemed to shine through in their limo after their ceremony.
The special moment seemed even more poignant in black and white.

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The bride and groom chose not to see each other for a week before the wedding. This was their first meeting, moments before the ceremony.With the bride flanked by both mothers, and her father looking on, the groom lowered the bride's 100-year-old veil, once worn by her mother and great grandmother. <br />
I wanted to be close enough to capture the serenity in her face and his joy, without interfering with the beauty and intimacy of the moment.

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Todd Shapera About

From the moment my stunning bride, Alana, walked through the door of Tappan Hill Mansion tethered to Winston, I knew her puppy was going to be integral to the wedding day.
I only learned later that, in January, the groom picked up the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the breeder, put a card around his neck saying "Will you marry me?”, attached the ring, and headed to Alana’s to propose.
Sure enough, the fifteen-pound, dapper groomsmen figured in memorable photos all day — from getting ready through the ceremony. Alas, during the party, the tired puppy rested in the quiet bridal room.
So, by night’s end, when the band signaled the last dance, what a surprise to find Winston swaddled in the newlyweds' arms on the dance floor — unabashedly sharing so much affection!
And how beautifully fitting!

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Many special elements came together for this photo - starting with a gorgeous bride, her dashing groom (a U.S. Navy officer) and their church in the heart of New York City. After their ceremony, the intrepid couple eagerly agreed to my request for portraits on Park Avenue. For everyone’s safety, we timed the quick shot with the traffic lights. When the couple leapt into the busy road and dipped and kissed - a pedestrian crossed on the left side behind them and a taxi approached on the right - framing the breathtaking moment with New York's magical energy.

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While photographing Joelle and Noah’s late afternoon spring celebration, I kept my eye on the setting sun.
During a break in the dancing, I asked them for five minutes outside to capture the magical, Hudson Valley light. They were such a fun, relaxed couple and readily agreed. This archway was right off the front door, and all the elements seemed to come together - golden light, long shadows, iconic backdrop and a loving moment in silhouette. After taking a few shots, I realized the image would be more dramatic if I could show the turrets on top. So in my wedding attire, I laid flat on the ground to capture the more dramatic angle.

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Todd Shapera About

The Tarrytown House is a calm oasis in New York's Hudson River Valley, with an old world mansion, lovely grounds and commanding river views. Rachel was a beautiful, fun bride with a wonderful glow. Moments after she finished dressing, all the elements seemed to come together in a magical moment on the grand staircase of the Biddle Mansion, just prior to heading outside for the first look with her groom.

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Under the magical light of an August supermoon, Alexis Reiger and Adam Schempp sealed their marriage following a beautiful ceremony and rocking party at New York Botanical Garden.
The website Earthsky defines a supermoon as "a full moon near perigee, or near its closest point to Earth for the month.”
This was the first of only three supermoons in 2015 and, surely, brought special energy to the gala night.

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