Best Engagement Photographers in New York

In the captivating whirlwind of New York's bustling energy and timeless romance, wedding photographers navigate the vibrant cityscape to immortalize the cherished moments of love and commitment. With an unwavering passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, these professionals masterfully weave the essence of each couple's journey into a visual symphony that captures the very heartbeat of the state. Renowned for their ability to blend the urban sophistication of Manhattan's iconic skyline with the raw, natural beauty of Central Park and the Hudson Valley, New York's wedding photographers curate images that reflect the multifaceted nature of love in the Empire State. Their artistry lies not only in technical finesse but also in their talent for encapsulating the essence of the state's dynamism, creating photographs that resonate with a sense of timelessness and grandeur. Beyond their technical expertise, New York's wedding photographers foster an environment of comfort and intimacy, allowing couples to revel in the magic of their special day while seamlessly capturing every authentic moment. Their dedication to preserving the genuine emotions of the occasion results in a breathtaking collection of images that become treasured heirlooms, evoking the same joy and excitement for generations to come.


Beshoy Selim

Beshoy Selim Photography

Beshoy Selim Photography is a Los Angeles- based Wedding Photography that was started in 2014 by Beshoy Selim. My work is best known for its colorful, contemporary, cinematic style of portraiture. Our love for storytelling and wedding photography has allowed us to capture weddings all throughout the world. I have photographed weddings in more than a dozen States for stylish couples that want to remember their day as more than average. My company grew to one of the Best wedding photography in Los Angeles. In the beginning, we created a style of photography that puts your story first and allows us to capture your environment, your love, your emotion, and the people you cherish on the most important day of your life. This isn’t marketing fluff, we know how important of a decision you have to make when choosing your photographer, and we don’t take any of our clients for granted. We have over 100 5-Star reviews on all social media. Our goals for our clients are simple. First, provide an absolutely incredible client experience from start to finish. Second, provide our brides and grooms with creative photography that matches the vision our couples have of their wedding day. Our style and message are consistent at every wedding we photograph. Since 2014, our team has documented over 250 amazing couple’s weddings all throughout the USA. Our Studio Team Beshoy Selim Creative Senior Photography Beshoy was ranked the: #1 Best Middle Eastern wedding photographer in the USA in 2018 and 2019. (Enigma magazine) 2 Award-winning from (prowed award) Best wedding photography wedding wire - Couples choose Beshoy’s work has been featured in over 11 different States. Beshoy started photography in 2014. Beshoy is passionate about Cars, traveling. He loves dogs. Most of all, Beshoy enjoys creating fine art portraiture when he is now photographing weddings.


Brittany Ford

Brittany Ford Photography, LLC
  • TOP2022, 2021
  • 42 Awards
  • Buffalo, US

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Rostislav Morozov

Todd Shapera Photography
  • New York City, US

We're thrilled to rank among WedAward's top-ten photographers for the past four years. We approach weddings seeking relaxed, timeless images - beautifully lit - that capture the story and emotions of the day. This draws on my photojournalism background in over 55 countries for global publications and agencies. We've also received Wedding Wire's "Couples' Choice Award", based on five-star bridal reviews, for seven consecutive years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 "Todd Shapera is driven by a passion to capture the inner beauty and resilience of individuals just about everywhere on earth…"  (Professional Photographer magazine) New York-based, capturing celebrations globally.