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Tony Benichou

Studio: Tony Benichou photography

Netanya (Israel)

My name is Tony i am a Photographer, i love the camera and the moments you can catch with her.
Its all about love, the couples, their stories their life, their family and all their little Details.... We go to make the perfect souvenir.

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Tony Benichou About

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Tony Benichou About

Daniella & Michael are a beautiful couple, it was a pleasure to have a part in the Perfect Day.
The shooting was in Israel, close to Tel Aviv and everything was perfect.

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Tony Benichou About

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Tony Benichou About

two women's in the storm and they love get stronger. We make allot of pictures but this is the most powerful picture of this beautiful couple

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Tony Benichou About

Shely and Avraham is a very special couple and this photo represent them very good.
I took this picture in Israel and I like it very much.

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