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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Photography is a tool to spread massages set up the meaning; It’s a great tool for commemoration of the moment. From my type of view photography is the way to cross everything: Limits, culture, prejudice or even conflicts. I believe that I use this wonderful gift to make good for people and preserve those moments for them. I hope you will enjoy watching my photography work, It is my huge lifetime factory.

Nitzan gur.


This photo is a symbol of the beginning .
We took this photo in 04:00 am in the morning, before the sun rise.
there was excitement in the air, and love was all around us.
We took this photo in the "kinneret-sea" which is the source of all water in Israel.


Perfect couple and so much love and happiness .
They jumped and laughed and it was beautiful moment.
I love to take photos with a real couples and real love and to share those happiness moments.


This shot we taken at "Agamon Hula" in the north of Israel.
What a great day and lovely couple !

Agamon Hula is unique and magical experience, in nature without partitions where you can observe thousands of unique birds, animals and plants, in their natural habitat.


I took this photo in last year with a great couple.
When the sun came down he grabbed her into hes hands and it was a magical moment of love.


Love in the winter
They wait for the rain to stop and come out for show us all them love.
I am so happy that i been there with them in this magical moment of love.

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