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Andrew Do

Naples (United States)

My goal is to deliver the best possible wedding photography experience capturing timeless moments from your day which you can cherish forever.

2015, 2016, and 2017 WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award Photographer

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Andrew Do About

Jillian and Kodie wanted something “different” for their wedding photos...so we went around to look for a unique location after the ceremony and came across this stunning location with a long bridge over a river.

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Andrew Do About

What can I say about this photo? We only had a few minutes to do the bride and groom photos so I came across this boardwalk and just had Chris and Patrina go for a short walk to enjoy the view. I kept a really good distance so that they both could have a moment for themselves as husband and wife.... then this photo came to life!

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Brian and Jennifer brought their pets along to their wedding because they wanted a FAMILY photo! How else can I explain about this wonderful photo!? This family photo instantly became Jennifer's favorite!

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Andrew Do About

When Marie and Lee first contacted me about photographing their wedding, they said to me that they would love to have beautiful photos that shows meaning. Upon going through their wedding photos the morning after their wedding, this first dance photo instantly became one of my favorites! I must say that this is a very special photo that I captured for Marie and Lee.

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Months before this wedding, Jill (the bride) has told me that she wanted an amazing sparkler exit picture in memory of her big day. At the end of the night I had to gather up +50 guests "in the dark" to make this photo happen for her! The moment I saw Jill and Josh start running out with excitement...I only had one attempt at this and I knew that this was my chance to make her dream picture...and so THIS happened! Though I was beaten after an 11 hour day, I wouldn't miss a moment..especially for one like this!

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Andrew Do About

This photo was taken at the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL. The garden was already a beautiful place to have a wedding at but then adding in this classic car that Paula and Dan brought along makes the picture easily one of my favorite photos!

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Andrew Do About

Prior to this photo, I asked the guests to work together to create an Epic grand finale photo for Brian and Jen! I love how everyone plays a role in this photo! Looking at this picture makes me feel like it's taking me back to that moment!

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