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Konstantinos Ordoumpozanis

Alexandroúpoli (Greece)

Cinematic destination wedding photography. Imaginary with elements of street photography, contemporary, fashion and fine art concepts

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Konstantinos Ordoumpozanis About

It was one of our last shots at the location we choose to make our after wedding at Athens Greece. From the beginning the couple had told me about an area full of old cars near out location and when we arrived with the first glimpse of this car I had a story to create. After having some fun with the couple disusing my idea i set up some speedlights and we started. I had the perfect couple with a unique energy, a beautiful theme and good light. After some shoots i noticed that each bride and groom had a very narrative gimps and this was the time of this image. The time that both of them had been transferred in another time period in their minds. A moment that they really lived a vintage trip with this old car. We spent about ten minutes making some photos and we left for our next destination.

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Konstantinos Ordoumpozanis About

We were walking in a park and i noticed these light bands through the shadows. after some seconds of noticing the landscape and having already some multiple exposure images from the day I ask the couple to walk until the the end and come back. My goal was to create a sense of time in my frame and tell the story of this couple in separate time levels. The first is from the present, capturing this couple as enjoying a walk in this park. The second is in a figurative way with time reverse, sowing the time trace of a relationship from the first kiss to the present walk and turning to the upcoming future .

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