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Idan Canfi

Studio: Canfi Photography

Tel Aviv (Israel)

I believe that every photo has the potential to be a work of art. Whether it’s a casual moment I managed to capture, or a carefully directed scene, I aspire to provide you with a collection of photos that will perfectly frame your memories. I like interacting with my clients, enabling them to feel free, while contributing to each scene with our unique personal approach. I believe that a great photograph is about more than just lighting, locations and angles - it’s about the people in it and the emotions captured in that single moment.

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Idan Canfi About

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Idan Canfi About

This photo was taken during a summer wedding on a blue wall. I realized that the blue wall is exactly the same hue as the groom's suit, just made this blue color darker and the result is in front of you... A very little editing here.

42 collection