Wedding Photographers in Austria

Wedding photographers in Austria exquisitely capture the enchanting romance and timeless beauty of this European gem, nestled amidst the majestic Alps and historic cities. From the charming streets of Vienna to the breathtaking landscapes of Salzburg, these photographers seamlessly blend the country's old-world charm with contemporary elegance, crafting visual stories that resonate with sophistication and grace. Armed with a profound understanding of Austrian culture and a mastery of light and composition, these photographers artfully weave together the natural splendor of the Austrian countryside with the intimate moments and emotions that unfold on a couple's special day. Their unobtrusive yet attentive approach allows them to capture candid interactions and genuine expressions, preserving the fleeting essence of love and joy in every frame. Beyond their technical expertise, these photographers serve as guardians of Austria's rich cultural heritage, capturing the intricate details of traditional customs and celebrations that define Austrian weddings. Their commitment to immortalizing the authentic essence of each couple's love story is evident in their dedication to encapsulating the nuances and heartfelt connections that define the wedding day. In the rich tapestry of wedding memories, Austrian photographers play a vital role, preserving the legacy of love, beauty, and tradition that forms the heart of every Austrian celebration.


Jassi Brlozanovic

  • TOP2020
  • 24 Awards
  • Innsbruck, AT

Hello my Name is Jassi Brlozanovic, born 17.7.1976 in Tyrol. I learned the profession of a plumber, after a serious car accident I was in a coma. When I woke up from the coma I noticed that I am more creative than before. I was no longer allowed to work in my profession and I started to use my creativity. I started taking pictures and have visited some workshops. In 2014 i start my own bussines and focused on wedding photography. I´m based in Tyrol/Austria but i also shoot wedding in other countries. Some destination where i have been: Thailand, Bali, Serbia, Romania, Germay, Italy and for sure Austria