Family Photographers in Cyprus

Wedding photographers in Cyprus encapsulate the essence of romance against the backdrop of the island's rich cultural heritage and stunning Mediterranean landscapes. From the sun-kissed shores of Paphos to the historic charm of Nicosia, these photographers expertly navigate the island's diverse settings, weaving a visual narrative that mirrors the intersection of tradition and contemporary celebration. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the island's cultural tapestry, Cypriot wedding photographers seamlessly blend the natural beauty of the Mediterranean with modern artistry, ensuring each photograph reflects a timeless allure and emotional depth. Their ability to capture candid moments and genuine connections allows them to craft a narrative that encapsulates the profound significance of love and unity within the Cypriot context. Beyond technical expertise, these photographers serve as storytellers, preserving the intricate nuances and timeless traditions that define Cypriot weddings. Their commitment to capturing the essence of joy, devotion, and familial bonds is evident in their dedication to immortalizing the cherished moments of the wedding day. In the rich tapestry of wedding memories, Cypriot photographers play an essential role, capturing the essence of a couple's journey with reverence, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the cultural heritage that underpins their union.


Lee Squirrell

Lee Squirrell Photography
  • TOP2023, 2022
  • 31 Awards
  • Paphos, CY

Based in Paphos, Cyprus, I bring a unique and highly sought-after style of natural, documentary photography to wedding celebrations all over Cyprus and Europe. My goal is to be bold and simple, I love to capture the day as it unfolds through compelling images that transcend wedding photography. My stylish, creative & unique style is topped off with a dramatic look and feel. I aim to bring photographs that jump off the screen and capture viewers with our enriched colours.