Engagement Photographers in Limassol

Nestled on the southern coast of Cyprus, Limassol beckons with its blend of history, culture, and stunning Mediterranean vistas, providing the perfect canvas for a community of skilled wedding photographers. These adept visual storytellers expertly blend the city's rich heritage, scenic beauty, and contemporary charm, capturing the essence of romance and celebration against the backdrop of Limassol's enchanting allure. From the majestic Limassol Castle to the idyllic seafront promenade, these photographers curate visual narratives that beautifully encapsulate the magic of the city's historical landmarks and the genuine emotions that unfold during weddings. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for Limassol's cultural heritage, they skillfully weave together the traditional Cypriot customs, the vibrant festivities, and the intimate connections shared by couples, ensuring that each image reflects the unique love story of the pair and the captivating spirit of the city. Their photographs not only preserve the grandeur of Limassol's scenic beauty but also serve as a testament to the city's enduring spirit and the profound significance of the couple's union. With their artistry, these photographers immortalize the essence of the city's rich heritage and the couple's unique love story, ensuring that every captured moment becomes a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. For those seeking to commemorate their love amidst the captivating aura of Limassol, these wedding photographers offer an opportunity to encapsulate the magic of their special day, preserving the city's cultural opulence and the couple's distinctive narrative in a visual masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come.


Xanthos Georgiou

xanthos creative photography & filming
  • TOP2023, 2022
  • 100 Awards
  • Limassol

Creative, spontaneous and artistic photography is what i love!


Antonis Parpottas

Parpottas Antonis Photography
  • TOP2022, 2021
  • 69 Awards
  • Limassol

Awarded Wedding Photographer based in Cyprus, worldwide available.


Haris Neofytou

HarNeo Photography Studio

A Bit About Me... Hello I am Haris, 38 years old, father to an amazing daughter (Michelle Anthia). Destination photographer based on the island of Cyprus since 2008. Photography is a special medium to me. It blends art and technology, prediction and reaction, light and shadow. It captures a moment in time and preserves it, allowing the viewer to experience that moment again and again. I love how photographs tell a story of a moment. I also love how a photograph can bring up other sensory memories, the sounds, the smells, the excitement or sweetness of that moment captured. I love my job of being a visual storyteller, knowing that I am creating images for my clients so that they may relive those special moments for years to come. I am honored to be chosen for such an intimate event of a couples wedding, this allows me the opportunity to capture the special moments of their life. My style blends photojournalism, fashion with advertising photography to create impactful images full of emotion and style. My friendly demeanor and quiet professionalism puts my clients at ease, allowing me to capture their best. My goal is to document all the beautiful details, emotions, and interactions as they happen naturally. It's the collection of these images that tell the memorable story of the people and places in front of my lens. Are you in Love? I would Love to capture your story!!!


Lee Squirrell

Lee Squirrell Photography

Based in Paphos, Cyprus, I bring a unique and highly sought-after style of natural, documentary photography to wedding celebrations all over Cyprus and Europe. My goal is to be bold and simple, I love to capture the day as it unfolds through compelling images that transcend wedding photography. My stylish, creative & unique style is topped off with a dramatic look and feel. I aim to bring photographs that jump off the screen and capture viewers with our enriched colours.


Giannis Ioannou

9Point9 studio
  • 8 Awards
  • Limassol

A creative photographer cinematographer based in Limassol, covering all around Cyprus and abroad. I love working with couples to capture real,unique,moments and the emotions of the day