Newborn Photographers in India

Wedding photographers in India are the custodians of the rich tapestry of cultural diversity and vibrant traditions that define the country. From the opulent palaces of Rajasthan to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, these photographers expertly navigate the myriad of colors, rituals, and emotions that characterize Indian weddings. With an innate understanding of the significance of each ceremony and a keen eye for capturing the essence of grandeur and intimacy, they weave together a visual narrative that encapsulates the soulful celebration of love and union. Equipped with technical finesse and an artistic vision, Indian wedding photographers seamlessly blend the richness of traditional customs with contemporary styles, ensuring that each photograph exudes a timeless charm and emotional depth. Their ability to capture the intricacies of cultural rituals, vibrant attire, and candid moments allows them to create a visual symphony that resonates with authenticity and cultural pride. Beyond their role as photographers, they serve as storytellers, preserving the intricate nuances and timeless traditions that define Indian weddings. Their commitment to immortalizing the sacred bonds of love, joy, and familial connections is evident in their dedication to capturing every cherished moment of the wedding day. In the vibrant tapestry of wedding memories, Indian photographers play a pivotal role, preserving the legacy of a couple's journey with reverence, sensitivity, and an unwavering appreciation for the cultural heritage that underpins their union.


Shail Chudgar

Studio 146
  • TOP2023, 2022, 2021
  • 47 Awards
  • Ahmedabad, IN

Candid, Creative Wedding Photographer. My Shooting Perspective is to take any Traditional Wedding and shoot it in a Modern way. I Believe in capturing the beauty in those special moments and people at a wedding. The little details, as well as the grandeur of it all. I am now based in Ahmedabad, but I have lived in England for 9 years, so my personal style, which reflects in my work is a perfect balance of Modern & Traditional.


Saurav Lakhotia

Dream Wedding Photography
  • 3 Awards
  • Kolkata, IN

Always willing to create a timeless look, coupled with flawless moments. Believe in keeping things Natural and Candid.


Vishal Baheti

Snapito studio
  • 1 Award
  • Sūrat, IN

I am Vishal Baheti, an MBA-educated individual who followed his passion and became a professional wedding photographer and the proud founder of Snapito Studio. With over a decade of experience, I have witnessed and captured the essence of countless love stories, transforming them into cherished memories that stand the test of time. Beyond my work as a photographer, I am also a dedicated teacher, sharing my knowledge and expertise with aspiring photographers, empowering them to find their own creative voice. From the tender moments of newborn baby photography to the grand celebrations of weddings, I find joy in capturing every precious detail. Based in the heart of Vesu, Surat, my studio serves as a haven for creativity, where I pour my heart and soul into each image I create. Having covered more than 350 weddings to date, I believe in the power of photography to immortalize the beauty of life's most cherished moments. It is an honor to be a part of so many lives through my lens, and I am excited to continue this journey, preserving memories and spreading happiness one photograph at a time.