Maternity Photographers in Italy


Medhanie Zeleke Shiferaw

Digital Sposi
  • TOP2021, 2020
  • 17 Awards
  • Lucca, IT

Hello, my name is Medhanie Zeleke, owner of Digital Sposi Photo&Video services and you are in my personal website, where I showcase my latest work and passion in life: photograpy and videography. Basically i am interested in anything that is visually capturable, which is almost everything. i usually work alone and tend to choose my projects with great care before dedicating everything on it, but i also love the challenge of working with a team of photographers or videographers. Utilizing tools from the latest generation and a set of highly professional skills, i produce photographs and audio-visuals of the highest quality. Some of my services include: photography services in value, digital photo albums, dramatic slide shows with musical accompaniment, video footage mounted on various media outlets (DVD, Bluray), video trailers, and more.