Engagement Photographers in New Zealand

Wedding photographers in New Zealand encapsulate the spirit of love and adventure amidst the country's breathtaking natural landscapes and rich cultural diversity. From the majestic mountains of the Southern Alps to the pristine beaches of the North Island, these photographers seamlessly blend the raw beauty of New Zealand's outdoors with the intimate emotions and heartfelt connections that unfold during a couple's special day. Armed with a deep understanding of the country's diverse terrain and a mastery of natural lighting, New Zealand wedding photographers skillfully weave together the elements of nature with the intricacies of human emotions, capturing candid moments and genuine expressions that reflect the essence of joy and romance. Beyond their technical expertise, these photographers serve as guardians of New Zealand's rich cultural tapestry, capturing the essence of indigenous Maori traditions and contemporary Kiwi celebrations. Their commitment to immortalizing the authentic essence of each couple's love story is evident in their dedication to capturing the unique nuances and profound emotions that define the wedding day. In the rich tapestry of wedding memories, New Zealand photographers play an integral role, preserving the legacy of love, adventure, and the unparalleled beauty that forms the heart of every New Zealand celebration.


Mike Sheng

MS Photography
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  • Auckland, NZ

I am a photographer currently based in Auckland, I specialise in portraits, weddings and promotional photography that capture your brand, every day moments and those very special ocassions in life. I've always loved being creative and photography has been a life-long passion for me, so you often find me, camera in hand, smile on my face, ready to shoot! I very much enjoy photographing people and love weddings - the romance, tears, laughter, excitement, all of it. I's a real honour to be part of people's most important day in life and being able to bring across the emotions and stories to remember forever. My style of photography is relaxed and candid, meaning that I like to observe and capture natural moments rather than creating overly staged shots. I work with you to create the photographs you want and, if you're a bit camera shy, we'll make sure the process is fun rather than stressful. If you're looking for a friendly and professional photographer and like the look of my work.