Engagement Photographers in Auckland


Mike Sheng

MS Photography
  • TOP2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
  • 88 Awards
  • Auckland

I am a photographer currently based in Auckland, I specialise in portraits, weddings and promotional photography that capture your brand, every day moments and those very special ocassions in life. I've always loved being creative and photography has been a life-long passion for me, so you often find me, camera in hand, smile on my face, ready to shoot! I very much enjoy photographing people and love weddings - the romance, tears, laughter, excitement, all of it. I's a real honour to be part of people's most important day in life and being able to bring across the emotions and stories to remember forever. My style of photography is relaxed and candid, meaning that I like to observe and capture natural moments rather than creating overly staged shots. I work with you to create the photographs you want and, if you're a bit camera shy, we'll make sure the process is fun rather than stressful. If you're looking for a friendly and professional photographer and like the look of my work.


Roley Batac

ligth and gold
  • 3 Awards
  • Auckland

New Zealand based wedding photograher Immortalising memories. Our lives are punctuated with milestones. And as much as we are fully present in these moments and hold the memories in our hearts, we also need for the laughter to last a little longer, the happiness to be felt even after the occasion has passed and the excitement to still linger. Light and Gold’s vision is exactly that. We want you to be able to look back on memories of times past and feel the exact same bliss. Nothing is more solid of a memento than captured memories. Anyone with the right equipment on hand can freeze a memory but doing it with the goal in mind of crafting the best reminders of your occasion to transcend a lifetime is Light and Gold’s concept. Light and Gold offers on-site video and photography services with pre and post-event organised shoot for stills. Our skilled photographers and creative team have had exceptional training and countless hours of experience. We understand that a perfect celebration will need to flow seamlessly from start to finish and gaps will need to be avoided. We aim to support you by staying in the background with no distractions but tirelessly working on capturing all the important moments, even the silly ones! Our creative team are all professionals and you can be assured of a comfortable and easy day with us! We can conceptualise around any budget and can accommodate mostly any theme. Let us know how you want it done and we promise to keep an open mind. We could throw in suggestions but you will make the call, it is your day after all! We are convinced that anything can be a cause for celebration and if you are thinking of wanting to have this in something tangible on your hands, something you can share with loved ones from near and far and something you can pass on, we will be there to make it happen for you.