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Emotional frames mean spontaneity and respect for the moment.
This was our goal from the beginning.
Each occasion is unique…
Each couple with its own character, and its own "flavour".
We are here to find out how you've dreamt "your day",
listen to your desires and together discover the right formula for you.

Our purpose? Be yourself without interference.
let's write together your story...with light!


On the beautiful island of Lesvos, two kindred souls, with an open heart and positive energy, embarked on a journey of love and joy that would forever change their lives. The preparations for their wedding were filled with love and care. The wedding venue was adorned with the most breathtaking flowers and decorations.

“Iliostagma," is always  the perfect choice for your once in a lifetime moment! As the sun began to set, the reception at the beautiful venue “Oinoforos” commenced, the air was filled with an electric energy of joy and celebration. Their friends and family toasted to their love, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and adventure together. 


While “once upon a time” may be a great way to start a story in a book, we as wedding photographers find “here in the moment” is the best way to live one. An atmosphere so warm and friendly accompanied by an incredible charm of intimacy.
Aren’t these all the ingredients of a perfect moment?
Let's write together, your story ...with light!


His name is Tollis, her name is Nelly but for us it is a reminder of a fairy tale …this one of Mr Great’s Gatsby. He is handsome and a true gentleman. She has a seductive beauty with an aristocratic finish. We met Tollis in the Penthouse of the Semiramis hotel where he got ready along with his crazy friends. Nelly dressed in the private room of Ktima Laas where the wedding took place. Friends from Australia, Singapore, England, came to celebrate with the couple their new step …the one of their life together.


A moment we will never forget!

Scenes overflowing with joy. A sweet “gang” ready to live every moment of the special day with fun and lots of love towards to the couple.
The proposal took place on a beach at the island of Eleuthera in Bahamas. The groom had hidden the ring in a shell for her to find randomly while she was collecting shells. And she never saw it! He picked it up himself, the ring fell into the sand, and she didn't understand anything and she thought they found a treasure."


We still keep a suitcase in Berlin..!

The reasons are many... But let's take it from the beginning. We were first acquainted with Berlin about 13 years ago when it stole a piece of our hearts. From that point onwards Berlin is our special holiday destination, always stimulating and inspiring for our creativity.

It was during this period that we met George and Mae who gave us the honor to be their wedding photographers.
We present you an alternative engagement photoshoot at The Wall, a rainy day in June before the moment where their lives and footsteps were joined in marriage... In a fairytale castle full of trust, faith and pixie dust!

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