Engagement Photographers in Germany

Wedding photographers in Germany capture the essence of love and celebration against the backdrop of the country's rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. From the charming medieval towns of Bavaria to the vibrant cityscapes of Berlin, these photographers seamlessly blend the country's historical charm with contemporary artistry, crafting visual narratives that reflect the intersection of tradition and modernity. Equipped with a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for Germany's diverse cultural tapestry, German wedding photographers expertly combine the natural beauty of the countryside with a touch of sophistication, ensuring that each photograph radiates a timeless elegance and emotional depth. Their ability to capture candid moments and genuine connections allows them to weave a story that encapsulates the profound significance of love and unity within the German context. Beyond their technical expertise, these photographers serve as storytellers, preserving the intricate nuances and timeless traditions that define German weddings. Their commitment to capturing the essence of joy, devotion, and familial bonds is evident in their dedication to immortalizing the cherished moments of the wedding day. In the rich tapestry of wedding memories, German photographers play an indispensable role, capturing the essence of a couple's journey with reverence, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the cultural heritage that underpins their union.


Lars Gode

LG Photography
  • TOP2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
  • 92 Awards
  • Köln, DE

Hi, i am Lars My photographic roots are in beauty and fashion photography. But my heart has always been in storytelling wedding photography. I love those special moments and the feelings between bride and groom. I do not just shoot a wedding - I try to capture creative and meaningful wedding photos that bring bridal couples back to their emotions of their wedding day, even years later. I do not just photographically determine what it looks like, but what it feels like. Around the world. Ther are the special moments in life that have brought me to photography. As a husband and dad of two girls, I am relaxed ;-) and enjoy every moment. Even after years, my photos are meant to revive the emotions of the moment. That's my motivation and passion.


Eri Stai

emotional frames
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  • 10 Awards
  • Athens, GR

Emotional frames mean spontaneity and respect for the moment. This was our goal from the beginning. Each occasion is unique… Each couple with its own character, and its own "flavour". We are here to find out how you've dreamt "your day", listen to your desires and together discover the right formula for you. Our purpose? Be yourself without interference. So... let's write together your story...with light!


Günna Sohn

  • TOP
  • 9 Awards
  • Mannheim, DE

“Why do you photograph weddings?” we are sometimes asked. Because they are real! Because we believe in love. Because every wedding is unique. It is always something special for us to be so close to other people at a wedding, to experience their feelings and to preserve the memories of this time in unique pictures. There is no one who sees your wedding as completely as we as wedding photographers. Thanks to our many years of experience, we radiate the necessary calm that is sometimes neglected on this exciting day. No matter what happens - we are always there and are able to handle small - and sometimes even larger - problems. Photography is our life!