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Athens, Greece

Engagement, Wedding, Children, Family

26 Awards

I still remember the very first time i got in my hands a camera. I even still remember my very first photos in the city that hosted the first years of my professional photography life. Piraeus.
To be able to immortalize in a unique way and personal vision a moment from the everyday life, was the trigger in order to never leave my camera from my hands. Millions of shots, thousands of landscapes and countless moments visualizin the perfect shot.
Small details are what makes the difference and the happiest moments of your life deserve the best. Besides, my point of view is not to capture 1000 words within a photograph, but 1000 feelings.


Flavio & Joan
they got married on the beautiful island of Kythnos
they are a very happy and crazy couple who deserve a lot.
The photography took place on the beautiful island as well as the photography of the next day in traditional island rhythms.


Antonis and Maria a beautiful couple got married in Athens after 2 beautiful babies they have beautiful moments together they enjoyed the photo shoot that took place the next day in the beautiful Nafplio of the Peloponnese

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