Best Family Photographers in Washington

Nestled within the majestic natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Washington's community of wedding photographers is adept at capturing the essence of romance amidst the state's breathtaking vistas. From the lush greenery of the Olympic National Park to the urban charm of Seattle and the vineyard-dotted valleys of the Yakima region, these skilled artisans seamlessly blend the natural beauty of Washington with the heartfelt emotions of couples, creating visual stories that reflect the unique spirit of the Evergreen State. Washington's wedding photographers possess a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of how to play with the region's ethereal light and diverse backdrops. They expertly capture the intimate moments and genuine connections that define each couple's journey, translating them into evocative images that resonate with authenticity and depth. Through their artistry, they not only freeze moments in time but also weave narratives that reflect the personal stories and shared dreams of the couples they photograph. Whether it's an intimate elopement amidst the towering evergreens, a whimsical celebration in a charming winery, or an elegant affair overlooking the Puget Sound, Washington's wedding photographers artfully encapsulate the raw emotions and genuine connections that define every love story in the state. More than just documentarians, these photographers become integral parts of the celebration, providing a guiding presence and ensuring that every treasured memory is preserved in stunning visuals, reflecting the timeless allure and natural wonder that define Washington's enchanting weddings.


Seth Cartwright

Seth Cartwright Photography
  • 4 Awards
  • Seattle, US

I live in Seattle, WA and draw heavy inspiration from National Geographic photographers. I also take inspiration from some of the worlds best photographers in creating beautiful and stunning pictures that I envision to be printed and hung on my client's walls, and shared for hundreds of years to come by their family.