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Elana Goodridge Photography
I photograph in Arizona, NY and Worldwide. It gives me such joy to capture candid moments at your Wedding, Mitzvah, Portraits, Parties & Events.

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This photograph was taken at a quiet moment of reflection. The day started off with a steady rain which put everything in Plan B mode but by the time the ceremony took place, the rain had stopped and left behind the beautiful skies that are seen in this picture. The earlier storm proved to be a gift as it provided such glorious colors which reflected the love and joy that was present. The entire day was filled with smiles and everyone was lovely. No one more so than the bride and groom - a truly magical couple that were so perfect together. Congratulations....

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It was a beautiful day with rolling clouds and bursts of sunlight and I thought it’d be perfect to walk along the Promenade in Brooklyn with Elizmar and Eric. We wanted to commemorate their joyous celebration of their growing family. Photographing them together as a couple and now as they enter this new era is a great way to document this life milestone. The romantic nature of the photo is reminiscent of their engagement and wedding day pictures and is also meant to convey the emotions in which their baby was conceived and in how they continue to move together in love.

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What a magically romantic night this was for a surprise proposal! Joaquin planned a trip to New York where he arranged from Ever After Proposals to have his declaration of love on the Jumbotron in Times Square. It had been raining all day but things cleared up enough to pull things off without a hitch! The rain on the streets made everything shine and glow. It was an incredible silver lining to the stormy weather. To see everyone respond to what was happening, cheering them on and clapping was an amazing experience. It was also exciting because I had to follow them on their walk and photograph them surreptitiously. I felt like a secret agent on a mission! So, mission accomplished and congratulations to Andrea and Joaquin!

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This was such an amazing day - even the Weather Gods smiled on us. All week things were gray and wet but that morning the sun came out and the skies were blue. It was so much fun being with Jacqui and Chris along with their families to witness and celebrate their marriage. The Long Island setting was a perfect backdrop for the wedding and being able to have the ceremony on the beach was a dream come true.

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The Conservancy Garden in Central Park is a popular destination for Wedding and Engagement shoots – and for a great reason! The lush gardens, fountains and ponds are idyllic. The wonderful part of this shoot for Genny and Evan was the special meaning that the Garden holds for them. It was one of the first dates they had and getting to return for this shoot turned into a beautifully romantic day. Their joy and peacefulness could be felt that day and can be seen as they stop to hug along this tree-lined pathway

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Grand Central is such an iconic location and we thought it would be really romantic to commemorate Lori and Scotts’ marriage surrounded by the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers rushing from one place to the next. People from New York are famous for how adept they are at ignoring their surroundings and the activities taking place around them so it was quite the surprise for us that the hardest part of getting this shot was everyone stopping to congratulate them! Throughout the entire station, people were cheering and clapping and shouting out well wishes! It made the whole shoot magical and I believe it’s a memory and story that they’ll treasure and share in the years ahead.

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This engagement portrait was shot on the Manhattan Bridge closer to the Brooklyn side. Chris works for a company that provides bikes throughout the city and we thought it would be fun to take Jacqui and him to a location incorporating their bikes. They also wanted to be somewhere that had special meaning to them and we picked the bridge because they have a view of it from the new home they’re building together. After carrying the equipment bags and bikes to the longest walkway of the bridge, they had a lot of fun riding and enjoying the view. While they were heading towards me, I called out to them, addressing them as the happy couple. Jacqui spontaneously flashed her ring finger in response and that’s the moment we captured. I am thrilled to be shooting their wedding this Spring!

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