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Michael David Reichmann

Studio: Michael Reichmann Photography

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Michael is an award-winning wedding photographer with Andre Reichmann Photography, a New York wedding and travel studio with more than 30 years of experience.

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The families of the bride and groom sneak a peak at their first look. Gotta love those genuine expressions! What a wonderful moment.

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When the couple showed me this vintage 1965 Buick Electra 225, I had to climb in the back seat and get some shots with them in it. Superb couple, classic car

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A quiet corner alone with the bride and groom, soft lighting, and a touching moment were the perfect ingredients to create this heartwarming expression.

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This couple was really great to work with, and the synagogue they chose for the event was great. The second I saw the staircase, I knew I had to take advantage. This was one of my first shots with the couple, and I immediately felt like I had struck gold when I looked through the lens

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I adore the Old City of Jerusalem. It has some of my favorite spots for photo shoots. But during the busy mid-afternoon, it can come with the challenge of finding a location with the right lighting and no bustling crowds. This tunnel ended up giving me all that and a natural vignette. The look of love in the couple's eyes was the only other thing I needed to make this shot one of my all-time favorites

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Not every bride has the perfect dress, hairstyle, profile, and venue for a shot like this. But with a little bit of direction and a perfect sunset, we ended up with a one-of-kind bridal portrait session.

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