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Oisín Gormally

Studio: Oisín Gormally Photography

Paris (France)

Photographe de mariage professionnel basé dans Paris, couvre toute la France et l'international.
Professional destination wedding photographer based in Paris, covers all over France and international.

Also specialises in underwater photography.
As well as photography I love to travel, being outdoors, climbing, and being in the sea for surfing and diving!!

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Oisín Gormally About

This was taken in Salthill in Galway at the end of a short windy couple session making our way back to the hotel, I love the effect of the wind on the dress and the couple's expressions!

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Oisín Gormally About

This photo was taken during a wedding in Normandy last summer, we had a nice walk around the beautiful house gardens and I was delighted to find a nice red flowery bush to frame the couple in this shot!

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Oisín Gormally About

I took this photo at a wedding in L'île de Ré here in France while the party was in full swing. I tried a few night shots and had seen a similar photo done by Sam Hurd I wanted to try out! Long exposures, an RGB led light wand and double, double exposures got the result I wanted. The couple was very patient and it was great to see the finished result turn out so well! :)

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Oisín Gormally About

Clotilde & Antoine were married in L'île le de Ré in France last year. After the ceremony, we stopped off at a little port close to the reception for some quick shots by the sea. As I made the shot, I held Clotilde's veil and the light wind caught it perfectly!

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Oisín Gormally About

This photo was made next to the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris with Hortense & Vianney during their pre-wedding session. They stood on one of the black and white columns to get above everything and everyone around. With such limited space to stand on, this pose worked well for stability and security and also looks great!

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Oisín Gormally About

This was taken on a pre-wedding session with Elodie & Hadrien in the Parc des Buttes de Chaumont in Paris a week before their wedding. Towards the end of the shoot, we were walking around looking for another spot. I knew I had found it when I saw the beautiful sun shine coming through the leaves in a little passage. Positioning the couple between me and the sun, I shot into it to get some flare and I love how it worked for this image. :)

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Oisín Gormally About

This photo was taken during Stéphanie & Stéphane's pre-wedding shoot in Paris, a very cute and friendly couple whose beautiful wedding I was privileged to shoot the following weekend. We met at the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir in Paris and very quickly into the shoot, the sun started to set. Spotting an opening through the trees, I asked them to stand facing each other and decided to give the ring of fire a go placing it in front of my lens. I love the golden glow of the ring due to its copper color and how it frames them in the golden light.

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