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Tom Russo

Studio: Tom Russo Photography

New York City (United States)
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Tom Russo About

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Tom Russo About

Joel and Lillie had their engagement session on the beach in New Jersey, and from start to finish, their session was terrific. This photo, in particular, was chosen because I felt like they were up in the clouds, and it gave off a very dream-like feel. It was tough to choose the right photo from this session to submit, and I am so honored to have been selected to win this award!

59 collection

Tom Russo About

This was taken on my drone. I had asked Jake and Nicki to run along the shoreline with Jake leading her a little bit. The moment he turned back to look at her I snapped the photo. It was a picture-perfect moment. This entire session was! Couldn’t ask for a better couple to photograph!

58 collection

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