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Balasangar Balasubramaniam

Studio: Shankar-Photography

Wuppertal (Germany)

– My name is Shankar and I was born in Jaffna in 1979. My roots are in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka).
– Since I was a child I have always been excited about the art of photography and video technology. I made my first experiences with the analog technique; taking pictures as well as developing them.
– In my career I’ve made international experiences in the Netherlands, Great Britain, United States, Sri Lanka & New Zealand
– Since 2008, I have specialized on photography under the pseudonym of “Shankar-Photography”. Take a look at a special selection of my pictures on the following

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Balasangar Balasubramaniam About

Vicky and Christian, at Hotel Hyatt in Düsseldorf,
it was a windy day I think around 26km per hour and cold weather. it was the moment with warm kiss!
Thank you my dear wife for helping me on this shoot to holding my lighting during the hard wind strome day.
Thank you Wedaward again.

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Balasangar Balasubramaniam About

We made a big tour with this couple, Paris, Venice and London, real feeling about love and the outfits and make up is been done by Prisanthi Mua on (FB) www.prishankar.de just amazing.

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Balasangar Balasubramaniam About

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Balasangar Balasubramaniam About

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Balasangar Balasubramaniam About

This was an exiting moment, when the bride comes in and the bridesmaids are trying to hide behind the glasses, you can feel their happiness & emotions. Even when they are standing in front of her. It was a funny moment hiding behind the transparent glass to make her smile.

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